Sylvia as Muse

Today, I almost always wear something with Sylvia’s likeness on it, whether a purse, dress, coat, skirt, or a pair of gloves. I do not wish to be without her.

These examples of screen-printed clothing illustrate Sylvia’s life in the present as my muse.

Leather Jacket, Screen-printed with Sylvia’s Photograph; Skirt, Screen-printed with Sylvia’s Signature

Left: Paper Doll Dresses, Chromogenic Color Prints, 8 x 10 inches, Series of 3; Right: 1950s Tulle Dress, Screen-printed with Paper Doll Dresses

Dress, Screen-printed with Sylvia’s Photograph

Gloves, Screen-printed with Sylvia’s Photograph

Sylvia: A 19th Century Life Unveiled




..Sylvia’s Story: The Beginning..

..Sylvia’s Life Unveiled..


..Sylvia as Muse..

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