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"Manhattan's Most Haunted House" - The New York Times

“Manhattan’s Most Haunted House”

— The New York Times

Some say the Tredwells, who lived in this house for nearly 100 years, are still here. Gertrude Tredwell, in particular, is thought to be watching over her family home. Born in an upstairs bedroom in 1840, Gertrude never married and lived her entire life here until she died, at the age of 93, in 1933. She was the last member of the Tredwell family to occupy the house before it became a museum, in 1936.

Since the 1930s, tales of strange and unexplainable happenings have surrounded the Merchant’s House. Staff, volunteers, visitors, neighbors, even passersby, have reported seeing, hearing, and smelling things that weren’t there.

Over the years, a number of psychics and paranormal investigators have visited the site, but their findings have always been inconclusive. In 2006, the Museum decided to mount its own investigation with the help of Historic Paranormal Investigations, a NYC-based group. The evidence is mounting that, indeed, something is here.

Whether or not you are a believer, you’ll enjoy reading our recently compiled booklet of ghost stories collected over the years by a member of the Museum’s board. Visit the Museum’s shop to purchase a copy of Some Say They Never Left: Spirited Tales and Ghostly Legends of the Merchant’s House Museum, and decide for yourself. And if you visit the museum and have an “experience,” please let one of the staff know so we can add your story to our growing roster of ghost tales.

Candlelight Ghost Tours are offered on a monthly basis, January to April. In 2015, tours are scheduled on January 16, February 20, March 13, and April 17. Visit our calendar of events for more information and to purchase tickets.

Private Candlelight Ghost Tours are offered by appointment for groups of up to 20 guests for a flat fee of $400. Tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Email programs@merchantshouse.org for more information.