Film & Photography

Whether you need an authentic mid-19th century set for a period drama or an elegant backdrop for a contemporary piece, the Merchant’s House Museum has just what you’re looking for. Legendary photographers, including Berenice Abbot and Samuel Gottscho, have found inspiration in the architecture and furnishings of the Museum and renowned filmmaker and documentarian Ric Burns has filmed here.

What can we help you create?

Film Shoot Outside the Museum

Film Shoot Outside the Museum

Location fees vary, depending on the complexity of your shot(s), crew size, and other factors. Discounts are available for non-profit productions, students, and projects related to the Museum’s historical mission. Space for costuming and craft service available. Call 212-777-1089 or email for information and price quotes.

Still Photography — $300-750/hour, call for information.
Film Shoots — call for information

Restrictions apply. See our Rental Guidelines for details.