April 8, 2014

Landmarks Preservation Commission Approves Eight-Story Hotel Next Door

After two years, one hearing and three public meetings, on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted 6-1 to approve the eight story hotel next door at 27 East 4th Street. We are now entering into the next phase in our all-out effort to protect the house during the construction.

A “Drab on So Many Levels” Design.

Despite the fact that several Commissioners openly expressed disdain over the design of the building, Chair Robert Tierney and the remaining five Commissioners voted in favor of the proposal. The only Commissioner to vote against the proposal, Margery Perlmutter (thank you!), called it “drab on so many levels.” “I feel like we’ve been exhausted into saying yes to this proposal, so I’m saying no,” she said.

The House – and Its Irreplaceable Ornamental Plaster – Face Grave Danger.

Chair Tierney and his five colleagues also disregarded the strong disapproval voiced by Councilmember Rosie Mendez and other elected officials; six engineering reports warning about the grave risk this development presents to the Merchant’s House; dozens of letters from preservation experts denouncing the inappropriateness of the size of the building; and thousands of citizens who signed our petition and wrote to the LPC.

LPC Meeting April82014

During the coming weeks, we will be in contact with you about the steps we will be taking to secure the necessary legal and engineering protective measures.

For detailed information about the long and torturous process, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is keeping close track.

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