A Phantom Fete

A Phantom Fete

With the specter of an eight-story hotel next door looming large, we are spending all our time, and too much of our money, on protecting our 1832 landmark Merchant’s House.

So this year, instead of depleting our already limited resources to host our annual September Party in the Garden, we are asking friends and supporters to stay home and attend in spirit.

Please channel your most-generous selves to help save the Merchant’s House with a worldly donation …

……$250+   Attend our Victory Party, once the
……developers give up the ghost.

……$500+   Meet Gertrude (if you’re lucky) on a
……late-night ghost hunt.

……$1,000+   Invite 10 friends for a Private
……Candlelight Ghost Tour
of “Manhattan’s Most
……Haunted House” (The New York Times).

All donations will go directly towards real-world legal and engineering expenses and are fully tax-deductible.

Any amount will help!

The developers won’t have a ghost of a chance.