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The museum has been closed since March 13 and during this unprecedented period we’ve
been offering an expanding roster of “at home” programs.
Each dollar we receive will help keep us thriving through this crisis and beyond, ensuring that
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Talks Online via Zoom

Tredwell Times: Life in 19th Century NYC
Illustrated Zoom Talks by Museum Historian Ann Haddad
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Tredwell Times Talks are co-sponsored by Village Preservation.

Wednesday, July 29, 6 p.m.
The Tredwells’ World: New York City in 1835
Join Museum Historian Ann Haddad and explore the Tredwells’ neighborhood and city as it was in 1835, the year that Seabury Tredwell purchased the Merchant’s House and moved in with his wife, Eliza, their seven children, and Irish servants. From prestigious neighbors to local shops, churches, and schools, you’ll see the city as the Tredwells did as they began their residency on Fourth Street. Click here to register.

Wednesday, August 19, 6 p.m.
Flower Pressing and Water Cures: 19th Century Summer Pastimes
In the dog days of summer, learn how the Tredwell family and their peers spent the hot summer months. Museum Historian Ann Haddad delves into popular summer pastimes of the 19th century. Click here to register.


Exhibitions Online

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The Index of American Design at the National Gallery of Art

Sylvia: A 19th Century Life Unveiled

Icons in Ash

Our Stuff, Ourselves

Behind Closed Doors & Drawers


Videos & Lectures to Watch

Blueprint NYC TV Episode on the Merchant’s House, Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment

Explore NY / “Tourist in Your Own Town:” A 1950s Christmas in an 1850s House
The New York Landmark Conservancy

“The NEW New York: Immigration, 1820-1880s,” Illustrated Talk by SJ Costello

“It’s Amazing Out There,” featuring the Merchant’s House, The Weather Channel

“Arts in the City,” TV Episode on the Merchant’s House, CUNY TV

“Standing the Test of Time: The Merchant’s House and a Neighborhood Transformed,” Illustrated Talk by Francis Morrone

“Lafayette Place/ Lafayette Street: A Topographical History,” Illustrated Talk by Francis Morrone

“Virtual Tour of the Merchant’s House: An Architectural Perspective,” by Anthony Bellov


Virtual Tours

“Welcome to My Home,” a virtual house tour with Eliza Tredwell (AKA Museum Historian Ann Haddad): on Instagram and Facebook

A Walking Tour of 19th Century NoHo, on HistoryPin.org

Virtual Tour of the Merchant’s House, with Google Expeditions


Books and Articles to Read

A Selected Bibliography of NYC History

Merchant’s House Museum Blog, by Museum Historian Ann Haddad

An Old Merchant’s House and Miracle on Fourth Street, by Museum Historian Emeritus Mary Knapp


Coloring Pages to Print

Click to enlarge and print. Illustrations by Robert Van Nutt.


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